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If you know someone or are a mom who needs help, we have three options for support. Each of these paths are built to support you in this next season. We do require levels of commitment on your part, but no worries, we are here for you. 

Please note: Applicants must be either pregnant or if parenting, all children must be under the age of 5.


Residential Client

St. Raymond’s House is a home where you and your children may live while participating in our program for stability. But don't worry, we will walk with you along your journey. We will help you get to the next season of life by supporting and inspiring you. Your next season can be better than your past!
Criteria for the program include:
  • Children living at St. Raymond's must be under 5 years old
  • No more than 3 children living with you
  • Must not be in an active drug/alcohol addiction
  • Willingness to try a new strategy for your life.
  • Application must be completed by the potential client


Community Client

If you have stable housing yet want someone to come alongside you to teach you the things you wished you had learned along the way, you could be a Community Client.  You follow the same program as residential clients, just without living in the St. Raymond's house. 


Emergency Assistance

Recognizing that otherwise independent mothers sometimes face emergency situations as a result of maternity leave or bedrest, we offer a range of financial and material services.

Material necessities: baby supplies, diapers, and personal hygiene products.

Emergency Financial Assistance: Assistance with rent, utility bills, or short term hotel stays as funds allow. To be considered, please complete application, AND email supporting documents to the Your application will be reviewed when all required documents have been received.
  • Utility Assistance: email copy of bill (must include your name/address), and a copy of your photo ID.
  • Rental Assistance: email rent statement (must include your name/address), amount you are requesting, and name, address and phone number of landlord), and a copy of your photo ID.
  • Proof of Pregnancy: if applicable (doctor’s note or verification from one of our partner agencies)

You must be pregnant or have a child under 12 months old to qualify at this time. You may only receive assistance once in a 12-month period. If you are facing longer-term financial instability, consider applying for the residential
or community coaching program.
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